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When Hugh Hefner Says “No” to Girls

Although at first glance it seems that for shooting for Playboy, it is enough to have the basic female attributes, perhaps blond hair and famous name, Hugh Hefner has refused a great number of ladies from the showbiz world, and he did it often in a very cruel way. Here’s how it looks when Hugh Hefner says “No” for

1. Kate Gosselin

One of the worse rejections Kate had in life came from Hugh Hefner. When she asked him if she could “garnish” the Playboy cover, his answer was just a simple “No, no”. But he didn’t stop there, but added that he didn’t have it clear why did she even participate in the reality show Dancing with the Stars, when according to Hef, she’s not famous at all. Rough play, eh?

2. Audrina Patridge

Actress and TV face, Audrina Patridge, was desperate when her topless photos “accidentally” leaked on internet. It turned out that in her 19, she hired a photographer to take naked pictures of her and sent them to Playboy, but they refused to publish them.

3. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly showed her interest in getting naked for the Playboy cover in 2006, but she said that her breast needed some Photoshop corrections, but all Hugh said was: “I can’t see how can that be, we don’t use Photoshop”.

4. Bridget Marquardt

She appeared in the TV series The Girls next Door as one of the Hugh Hefner’s girls, but when it comes to Playboy, she couldn’t even come close to any door. After several unsuccessful test shootings she was rejected as a “playmate” but Hugh took her into his reality women realm.

5. Britney Spears

Well, Britney wasn’t 100% rejected, she’s more like “on hold” until she stops to behave strangely. Hef said that he would be more than happy to have Britney on the cover, but only after she comes back on the “right path”.

6. Tatu

Members of the Russian band Tatu, wished upon a star to be photographed for Playboy at age 18… Unfortunately, Hugh didn’t share the same wish.

7. Shirley Jones

Actress Shirley Jones might have 75 years of age, but that did not stop to pose for sexy testing pictures, with her legs and decolletage in the forefront. Hefner refused to publish these pictures because he expected more nudity on them. Honestly, if the biggest insult you can get at age 75 is from Hugh Hefner saying that you’re not naked enough, than you can be completely satisfied with yourself.

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