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Very Weird Dolls in Gothic Style

These dolls are amazing, but I’m afraid I can’t credit the author… You can see link at images, but they leads to website which have nothing to do with these weird, strange but still beautiful dolls. So if anyone knows who the author is, please tell us, we would love to give a credits to him… In meantime enjoy.

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  1. dollgirl says:

    these dolls don’t have authors since they’re made by different companies. you should go google “bjd dolls” or “asian ball jointed dolls” for more info about them.

  2. Bilal Nawaz says:

    very nice………..

  3. […] all familiar with ventriloquist Jeff Dunham who gives voices to many characters and thus bringing dolls to life. In all of his stand-up comedies and performances he amuses crowds of people that are dying of […]

  4. richa says:

    this dolls is so cools..

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