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Very Attractive Manga Figures

At the time of the Wonder Festival in Tokyo is a big crowd. Stream of people waiting to see a little manga sculptures – toys. These figures are usually made in very small numbers, and are therefore unique and expensive. Masterpiece sold at very high prices, but the avid collectors are buying them. The greatest interest is, of course, for sexy women manga figures, often in very challenging, erotic poses. The popularity of these figurines from day to day growing, and expanding the number of collectors in many countries outside of Japan. Whoever believes that toy of Kinder eggs are no longer for his age, can begin to collect manga figures. You only need to come to this great fair and choose a toy for his taste.

Very Attractive Manga Figures

Very Attractive Manga Figures

Very Attractive Manga Figures

Very Attractive Manga Figures

Very Attractive Manga Figures

Very Attractive Manga Figures

Very Attractive Manga Figures

Very Attractive Manga Figures

Very Attractive Manga Figures

Very Attractive Manga Figures

Very Attractive Manga Figures

Very Attractive Manga Figures

Very Attractive Manga Figures

Very Attractive Manga Figures

Very Attractive Manga Figures

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24 Responses

  1. Lunatics says:

    one of the reasons why I like Japan

  2. lool says:

    thanx attractive

  3. Tyciol says:

    These are all more attractive than any real person can ever be.

    We should still try to be attractive, but basically, if your girlfriend threatens to dump you for collecting these masterpieces, dump her first.

  4. love them says:

    WOW… can anyone tell where I can get (BUY) them?

  5. arsalan says:

    yes, for all the virgins of the world to see…
    These are not very attractive for many reasons

    1)they are cartoons
    2)they have improper proportions
    3) as a male, I have hormones and want to pass on my seed, with these…well….

  6. Lee says:

    I’m as big a perv as anyone, but um…they look like little girls with implants. If this does it for you, you might be a pedophile. Just saying.

  7. maximumrfan says:

    Oh my god, if someone doesn’t find the link where you can buy these I will club a baby seal! And if your into that stuff I will totally club a baby seal.

  8. sdf says:

    Sad. This post obviously knows nil about figures collecting hobby :/

  9. suyi says:

    Lovely wow

  10. suyi says:

    Lovely wow Lovely wow

  11. suyi says:

    Lovely wow Lovely wow Lovely wow

  12. Hotspot says:

    They are all girls! I’m not into girls >.> This does nothing for me, I mean they aren’t attractive to me!

  13. Kimura says:

    @Lee and others
    If all of these look like little, preteen girls to you, you’re the ones with sick minds and mental problems. And if anything, you should also be glad pedophiles, not to be confused with child molesters, get their kicks off of looking at figurines and not real pictures, right?
    Either way, your calling someone out won’t cure their pedophilia, there is NO cure in fact, since it technically is a sexual preference or orientation. It wasn’t until just a few decades ago homophilia was de-labeled as a mental disorder, but since more people are sickened by the thought of attraction to- and sex with children than gay sex, you will most likely never see pedophilia labeled as anything else but a mental disorder (unless the world rids itself of all religions, the source of more human suffering than anything else, of course)
    Studies have actually shown that all adults are capable of and will feel a sexual attraction to children given the right circumstances, there are however very different people in this world and not all are willing to admit what they feel to others, or even themselves. The most generic types of people are:

    – Extremists. They are so focused on, and effective at brain washing people who can’t think for themselves, that they’ve managed to brain wash themselves to believe that this attraction is an abomination that needs to be purged from existence at any cost. The “guilt” they feel when these thoughts merely enters their mind makes them push their agenda even further. (Watch out, they might lynch you!)

    – Victims of extremists brain washing and uptight standards of todays society (You try to convince yourselves that these feelings aren’t right and something is wrong with you. Telling others it isn’t right makes you feel better as if it negates your “shameful” thoughts)

    – Those who just accepts the attraction as the natural chemical, genetic reaction that it is and moves on with life. (a logical thinking human being)

    – Those who find it enticing and pursue their attraction and adoration in a healthy way without harm to anyone (The figurines for example!)

    – Those without inhibitions and psychological disorders, sociopaths, rapists, murderers, etc. (These are the only ones with real problems you should waste your time worrying about)

    Yeah you can keep telling yourself that to cover up the fact that you feel some kind of attraction to these but it weirds you out, I’m guessing.
    Our brains simply recognize the shapes and flips a switch. A flat two-dimensional picture of a beautiful woman isn’t real but you get turned on by it, right? A silhouette of that same woman would also turn you on, and that might as well be a cartoon.
    Please, just relax instead of raging on the internet about something in your mind that scares you, enjoy beauty in all kinds of forms, and your life will be easier.

  14. DP Web design says:

    Nice collection

    Thanks for sharing.

  15. SKEITH says:

    they nice and collecting these is cool also the one with huge guns but i dun wanna get em real or they kill me

  16. R315r4z0r says:

    I like anime, but I really couldn’t ever get into figure collecting. I mean, these things cost hundreds of dollars if you want to get the hand painted, unique and high quality figures.

    Also, I just want to point out, the people who are deliberately stating that thinking these are attractive is sad, you have to take a look in a mirror and reflect on yourself. If you had to come out and say that then it means you’re in a state of denial yourself. Regardless of if you actually do find the figurines attractive or not, bluntly stating your opinion on the matter just for the sake of saying it is your subconscious trying to speak to you. You’re insecure of yourself and therefore you have to verbally state what you want to believe to be true. It’s called self-affirmation.

    And, as a response to arsalan, who made those three points, I want to challenge you on them:

    1. They aren’t cartoons, they are figurines. A cartoon is a drawing and a figurine is a physical model. Now, I realize it makes no difference, but I just wanted to point that out anyway. More over, why can’t a cartoon be attractive? Do you understand what the term “attractive” means? Let me put it to you this way: if I gave you a pencil and paper and asked you to try your best to draw an attractive girl, would you say it’s impossible? What if you had to describe an attractive girl to a police officer or someone, would you tell them “I’m sorry, but it’s impossible to do that”? If you don’t find these particular figurines attractive, that’s one thing. But saying they aren’t attractive BECAUSE they are figurines (or cartoons) is just an illogical statement.

    2. I don’t see anything “improper” with their proportions. Maybe you meant to say “ideal” instead? Perhaps “unlikely,” rather? If they were improper, they would be basically incorrect. If the proportions were improper, things like arm span wouldn’t match height; eyes wouldn’t be ear level; legs would be shorter than arms; etc. It’s very possible for a female body to look like that naturally and therefore nothing shown (aside from human artistic error (like paint running)) is proportioned improperly.

    3. For your third point there are actually a few things I could say, however I don’t particularly want to. (And it really isn’t like you’re ever going to read this response anyway). Perhaps I can just mention one word and leave it up to thought: Pr0nography.

  17. very funny says:

    I don’t understand Manga phenomen in Japan.

  18. حمام نسوان - سوالف نسوان - صور says:


  19. mike says:

    @ kimura

    i totally see what you mean i can see how that is true about basically almost everyone and i guess i agree with you about this religion thing i believe people just use it to make it seem like some sort of excuse to save themselves a sort of meaning to keep on living or as an excuse for some of there past actions. but wont it be as you said if there was no religion it would make it seem that being a pedophile would be treated as a regular relationship between to people, almost as if showing no type of concern toward it. Also like you said its a disease there is no cure but nobody chooses to have any sickness it just happens some are able to control it others are not so strong. however it just as you said we are humans the best we can do is keep it under-control and lets not take it to far.

    would like to chat with you.
    what do you say?

  20. tawesin says:

    it so good i love japan

  21. awesomeshares says:

    really beautiful!awesome!

  22. RandomAssGirl says:

    in animes and manga they feminise girls alot this is coming from a 13 yr old i cant believe none of u adults knew ;P FYI im not a perv i just love anime im a anime lord cos i no animes not even u no

  23. One piece Forums says:

    awesome collection.i really love them all. stay blessed

  24. Rose Jacklyn says:

    Can anyone tell me the animes/mangas the characters the figurines are based on?? Please, tiff you can name even a few, it would be appreciated!

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