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Tried to Be Sexy Through Fotoshop. Failed.

Forget silly things like human anatomy and the laws of physics. When it comes to Photoshop, reality needn’t apply – just clone, rotate, skew, blur and hope nobody notices.

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  1. Moinuddin says:

    The best is yet to be.

  2. The dude says:

    The blond at the gym a fail???
    I know here and she is big irl :)

    • Onkel Odo says:

      Compare her right arm to the left arm… One is ripped and bulgeing – the other is not.

      • Some other dude... says:

        Of course. She’s flexing the one in front of the camera. Only people with no muscle on them don’t understand the very fundamental mechanic: Muscles swell up and bulge when blood is pumped into them. I see this response to these kind of pictures all the time. People can’t imagine themselves putting this much effort to improve their body, so they assume the worst.

        Notice the angle of the other arm is perpendicular to her body. She has thin arms but a tall peak at her bicep because she has low bodyfat percentage, so it appears a lot wider when viewed from the side than from the front. Low bodyfat is also the reason for her bulging veins.
        Low bodyfat is evident by her small waist and wrists, and defined neck and cheeks.

  3. nikah sekeri says:

    thank you very much

  4. jechuman says:


  5. Bluerapid says:

    The one in the pink dress and big hips isn’t a fail, her hips are actually that big, I’ve seen numerous pictures of her on facebook when somebody using her pictures added me, there were even a few with a website’s name at the bottom and it’s for a spanish porn site XD lol. Anyway, she’s not a fail…..the others on the other hand pretty much are :P lol

    • Sixtus1973 says:

      The one in the pink dress and big hips actually IS A FAIL. This woman goes by the names Jenny Tusabe (span.: tu sabes = you know) and Dolly Jackson. There are about 40 photos of her available and almost all are photoshopped. Of at least one photo both the original and altered versions are available.
      Use her names at Google image search and look out for her in a golden dress. That photo most likely is an original. She’s a nice girl but doesn’t have breathtaking hips and waist.

  6. Liwork says:


  7. Davetiyeler says:

    thank you very much

  8. AltrecCouponCode says:

    so hottest and also very sexy photo.

  9. LeanBodyExtreme says:

    Also looking very hot. her dress also very hottest. here looking this picture all are very hottest collection.

  10. KollagenIntensiv says:

    so hot looking picture. also very sexy.

  11. LiftSerumPro says:

    Nice looking so hot . her dress also very hottest.

  12. joseph-k- says:

    The one in the pink isn’t actually photo-shopped.

  13. Nice Picture Looking so very hot. her dress also very hottest

  14. PressReleaseDistribution says:

    also so looking very hot.

  15. REICouponCode says:

    Looking so very hottest. thinks

  16. Semsm Love says:


  17. PressReleaseDistribution says:

    so also very hottest.

  18. Anonymous says:

    LOL well at least they are aspiring to be f*cktoys.

  19. Pure Raspberry Ketone says:

    she also looking so very hot. her dress also very hottest.

  20. Alaa Spark Abas says:

    Very good

  21. mk says:

    face shows all about body!!

  22. MYS_SUN says:

    pink dress = FAILED

  23. Ace says:

    The muscle girl is NOT edited (‘photoshoped’ as ye all insist). There are videos of her training and proving in all angles that she’s in fact like that!


  24. Alexandr says:

    stupid. try corset

  25. NAG says:


  26. Victor Bureau says:

    I think the second last one was a female version of the guardian in Lady in the Water… to give her credit

  27. Rachael Kennedy says:

    LOL funny how the fourth one forgot to photoshop out her muffin top when she as editing her obviously big Butt lol

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