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The Most Bizarre Jobs Through History

During the crisis, many of us do not choose a lot when it comes to jobs. We will work more or less anything that brings in money, and that it is legal, while it does not clash with our own moral codes. It is more frequent that highly educated people work as waiter/ess, or babysit. But, those are the common jobs of our time. Look at the list of the most bizarre jobs people were forced to do throughout history.

1. Knockers

People used to be hired to knock on the windows or throw various berries until they’ve woken up the person living inside. It was a human alarm clock, in fact.

2. Professional nursing women

This occupation entailed breastfeeding someone else’s child. This job is considered as one of the main causes of the infections among infants. One thing still isn’t clear to me – how did those women manage to have breast milk all the time, since it was their profession?

3. Collectors of leeches

Yuck! Maybe it doesn’t sound so bad, but it’s the method that is yuck in the whole business. In fact, the collectors were moving through the water, waiting for the leeches to bite them. Then, they would go out and take off all the leeches of their bodies and sell them! Due to constant open wounds and blood loss were highly susceptible to infection.

4. Weepers

This practice was active in all the places until recently. “Professional weepers” (those who cry for the deceased they don’t even know) first appeared in China, during the reign of Emperor Wu of Han in 156 BC. They were paid to be extremely emotional at funerals so that relatives and friends of the deceased would not be embarrassed to mourn.

5. Wool processors

In order to produce a softer fabric, wool was kept in barrels full of urine. These people’s job was to trample the urine-soaked wool for all day.

6. Castrati

These are men who have had castrated voices, because they did not mutate, so they were soprano singers. Their ribs would have grown longer, and therefore they would have a greater lung capacity.

7. Body stealers

These people were stealing and selling “fresh” dead bodies for medical researches. In England, stealing objects from the tombs has always been illegal, but the theft of the dead wasn’t forbidden until the 1832.

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