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Recipe For Longevity


Sun is the source of life. Without the Sun, the Earth would be ruled by eternal darkness and cold too. Turn your face toward the Sun. Smile and enjoy a warm touch of sun rays and fill up with positive energy. :)

Socializing & Hobbies

Hang out with your friends, go out with them for coffee and “chit-chat “, deal with a hobby, but do not forget to include your friends into your own entertainment. With friends all  is  better! :)


Do sports! Movement is essential for everybody. Otherwise, if you’re “home moth” and walk away from the bed to the fridge, the muscles will atrophy, your metabolism will slow down, and in 40s – you looks at least 20 years older. That, you certainly do not wish for yourself.?! :)


In recent years people talk so much about global warming in our beautiful planet Earth! And, obviously it cause so much damage! But, let’s see how things unfold in our body? Short-term winter swimming in lake is courage which strengthens the body, but every day washing clothes and vessels in cold water stimulate rheumatism! Take care of health while you are young! Do not expose yourself  to cold water if you do not have to.  You’ll need health for later!  :)


Tirelessly using your senses! They are your connection with nature! Thanks to our senses you notes, learn, teach, meet … Well, maybe today you smell your future spouse (life companion)! You never know when this will happen. :)


And the water is, along with the Sun, responsible for our lives! Water is all around us but also in our body! It is necessary to live in accordance with this fact  –  to take enough liquids, primarily to drink a water, to bathe, to swim, and to enjoy by the water watching it, listening , and painting it! Why not?! :)

Healing Mud

The land has given us all the pleasures, we only need to use it! Swimming (rolling) in the healing mud have a beneficial and relaxing effect for the whole organism! Try it,  you will feel up with full strength, enthusiasm, optimism and positive energy that comes from the land. :)


Eat only organic foods! Meet your environment, vegetation which succeeding in that climate, and fauna in your neighborhood! Forget about frozen food incoming from across the planet, because all you need is  fresh food which is right in front of your nose! Do not be lazy, save a health  and cost effective meal. :)


Love the animals, because they love you! For your love they will respond with even more love, in your understanding they will respond with even more understanding! They prefer simple and honest people like a children! :)


Maintain hygiene of your body, but do not overdo it with cleaning   –  some microbes are the guardians of your body and your health! Fight the enemies, but keep your Friends. :)


Do not smoke and do not sit in smoke-filled rooms! Your face will become wrinkled, fingers and  teeth become yellow and your lungs will become black! No mention of cancer, asthma, infertility … With little luck, maybe you don’t get it!    Better not try it,  right?! :)


Believe in love! Love is giving, not taking, but it is the meaning of life and the existence! Let it in your life and  it will give you endless pleasure! Just let it  grow. :)


Our body is full of toxins that our body cut out  in different ways. In order to be healthy we need to get rid of them! We have to do it and it is not difficult! :)

Smile, please!

Laugh is medicine! Who laughs lives longer! Laugh from the heart to tears, at least once a day! This is a recipe for longevity! Thoughts  should be positive, without hatred or anger, and your face clear and  smiling! We wish you an interesting and the happy life! It is your life! Just laugh! :)

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