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Modern Disney’s Man Vs. Old-time Disney’s Man (Disney for Ladies)

Disney movie characters, are well-loved around the world and among all generations. Therefore, it is not surprising that many artists are turning to innovative ideas in presenting the characters from these movies. Here we present a gallery of recognizable male characters from the Disney production, done by artist David Kawena. Understanding of today’s modern man, compared with a man from Disney cartoons is essentially different in the visual, but the form has remained the same – nice and handy man is always interesting.

Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog

Aladdin from Aladdin

Emperor Kuzco from The Emperor’s New Groove

Hercules from Hercules

Milo J. Thatch from Atlantis

Gaston from Beauty & the Beast

Thomas from Pocahontas

David from Lilo & Stitch

Kocoum from Pocahontas

John Smith from Pocahontas

Price Phillip from Sleeping Beauty

Peter Pan from Peter Pan

Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island

Prince Adam – from Beauty & the Beast

John Henry from John Henry

Dr. Sweet from Atlantis

Shang from Mulan

Phoebus from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Tarzan from Tarzan

Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid

Will Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean

Troy Bolton from High School Musical

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87 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    What, NO Beast? S**ew it… >>

  2. LolliPOP says:

    I dont get why everyone is saying their “packages” are too big. They’re pretty realistic and that would definitely be the size of their “package” if they were real men and had a semi-boner. The only exception is Dr. Sweet(obviously)

  3. V123 says:

    I am a guy, but they actually look pretty cool. The visual style and the lighting make them look more mature and badass. Well except for Tarzan, who look like a slippers-version version of Tarzan, some really gay ones and those, who sport the exact same pose with a thumb in their pants.

  4. tris says:

    damn!! gimmie some of doctor sweet lol! the packages do look realistic.. not all of them are huge and those that are fit the bodies they’re on.. some of them look totally gay though..ie john smith and thomas, princes eric,phillip and adam lol.. lets just say most of them look gay. but good creations anyways

  5. alfie barrientos says:

    the art is EXTREMELY wonderful. i didn’t mind the packages. infact all the details are done perfectly. these are the only creations that made me stare for quite long, and i can’t help it [lol],… and they’re all hot. praise to the artist. i even wished that Prince Adam was real. sigh

  6. SamIAmxxoo says:

    Why do they all have boners?

  7. Miriam says:

    I love this ! Pin-up for the LADIES ! Finally us ladies can have some pieces of male art to adore.
    It was about time.

    I can see most of all the humour in this.
    Especially considering the way to big smiles and boners.
    Hooray LOVE this !!! This = pure amusement.

  8. Ivy says:

    I think these pictures are fantastic honestly.. glad to see the male version now :-) Although I do think he should’ve stuck to the cartoon characters.. it’s a little weird having Troy and Will in there. As far as their packages.. I think they look pretty realistic for a hard on. With the exception of Dr. Sweets that is. This artist is very talented and if u don’t like what u see.. then don’t look u fools

  9. Angy says:

    a mi me gusto y muchooo!!!jajaja

  10. Angy says:

    clear criticize men because they only want to see women in ball pages are also almost all men look a solo, and when at last something for a lot of women say boludeses IF THAT WILL CRITICIZE get involved??

  11. Dakota says:

    Okay so seriuosly guys, (and I’m referring to the males) you are goings to whine and complain? REALLY?! C’mon you have got to be kidding me. Talk about a double standard. Guys can drool over the processes who’s rack are the size of 32 inch dub rims but we can’t drool over the guys? I say forget that noise. But hot damn David looks HOT! Lol.

  12. Janah says:

    wat about demitry from anastasia?? i wouldnt mind seeing him in a ‘modern’ view…

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I hate how all the guys are like ‘ewwww, what a faggot!’

    Dudes. Seriously? Grow the f**k up. We girls have to deal with OUR childhood disney princesses being practically violated in a horrible fashion for your pleasure!

    We get it, your very straight guys… so how about you go look at something else, rather then b**ch about some half-nude MALE disney characters? Besides, David Kawena is an amazing drawer, so give him some f**king credit!

    :D Milo.J thatch is my favorite <3

  14. I'm a good girl..really! says:

    *Nose bleed*
    Omg! I looked in the mirror after seeing this my face was red as a tomato!
    I wish I had guys like that in school :)
    The guys I have in school look like dead sheep…
    Very nice job…Please make more! :D
    I swear I’m a good girl! :P

  15. nick0 says:

    they look “gay” because the artist is a gay guy. david kawena. he has like a swarm of a billion female followers treating him like a god for these.

  16. Rosalila says:

    Ok, I likey.

    So where can I buy the calendar?

  17. Jaime says:

    Mmmm… This is pure yum!! *drools*

  18. Cryssie says:

    Well hello there Prince Phillip…. RAWR!

  19. Ivette says:

    Yes!!! Finally something for the women to look at!! These are some hot men! Thanks so much!!

  20. Dee says:


  21. EvilEye says:

    This is some great eye candy lol. Pure yummy hotness. Brings back a lot of memories from when I first saw them. Thought about making a calendar yet? Lolol I would so buy 10 and give them out to mi amigas/amigos ;) Great work <3333

  22. Crystal says:

    First off lmao at these comments, second off im a straight female.

    Ok knowing now that though im a straight female i must say these pictures freak me out, the packages on these dudes are ginormous! WTF >.< they make the hot guys look like they are packin melons in their shorts, and whats up with these faggy jock strap underwear? How come they cant wear like loose boxers, something a real guy would wear? Instead of this leather thong shit and the strappy jock straps?

    The only picture that i thought was even remotely acceptable was peter pan, damn is that picture hotness. Thats how all the pictures should be, hes in a modest pose and not all displaying his package, and he looks just like the original and just the right amount of sexy. (most girls dont think the package is sexy, they find the face and eyes to be the most sexy on a man, unless they are a complete slut)

    Oh and i know hes sposed to be like portrayed as a child never growing, but i always saw him as a teenager… Plus in technical terms when i was younger and first watched peter pan he was older then me, just saying no pedo.

    Anyways thats all i wanted to say, that and DR. Sweet from Atlantis really scares the shit out of me. Just sayin.

  23. Joshua says:

    i am male, and i am gay and i don’t care what any pricks on here have to say, but these HOT pictures are impressive;) eh girls?

  24. PJ says:

    There is something…so wrong….
    Ah god >.<

  25. dammmmmmm says:

    their packages are hhhuuuuuge lol
    my favorite is prince phillip and prince adam

  26. james says:

    u can see some of their cocks through their undewear

  27. SexyDisneyManFan says:

    Prince Edward from Enchanted was left off this and that one was done the same time these were. IT wsa in the image of James Marsden and was very sexy. I’m sure it would have gotten lots of compliments. I believe he is wearing a jock strap but his bare butt it woard the viewer. SInce these were done he has also done one of Flynn from “Entangled” and Kronk from Emperor’s New Groove in one that is totally unlike any of these. He also did one that has 2 of the Narnia Kings in the same shot wearing jockstraps

  28. Anonymous says:

    yummy Peter Pan (;

  29. KyleBroflovskiLover says:

    Gaston was just gross :/

  30. Braindeadmaggot says:

    milo and jim were my fave.., gaston looked horrible.., and he was already hot in the movie..,

  31. someone says:

    one word…eyegasmic O_O

  32. Hotspot-Kai-James says:

    Obviously the article creator doesn’t know what a homosexual or bisexual guy is….

  33. asdfghjkl; says:

    …it’s….it’s called Treasure Planet…..

  34. Chryphex says:

    I’m a straight guy and I had no problem with any of these… except Peter Pan. I’m comfortable looking at half-naked men, as long as the aren’t 9 years old.

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