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Mages of 20th Century

With early industrial era the world that until then existed had disappeared. First gas lamps, then the electric and then the neon lights illuminate the planet and permanently expelled from it all shadows and secret places where the demons, fairies and elves were hiding. In this global inclusion of artificial light we tragically lost the world of fairy tales, myths and legends, that eternal childhood of human species. But, as always, things are not as definitive and as simple as they seems at first look. Still, among us are the same as those medieval magicians and alchemists of the Renaissance, as well as at the time we got up and went to sleep with sunsets. These modern magicians are cleverly disguised as an ordinary profession: some of them are painters, others, again – a prominent philosophers or professors of psychology, the third – writers, actors .. and among them there is even a real football coach. Just like their ancient predecessors, these magicians of our time running with the ease with their impossible missions, take down all the records, shock the public and defy all odds and every logic. Now, we will recall only some of them…

J.R.R Tolkien

The father of modern fiction, the Oxford professor, author of “Lord of the rings”, which brought him international fame and millions of loyal fans.


Carl Gustav Jung

Great scientist who managed to give alchemy a psychological meaning. Man who discovered the collective unconscious and was probably the best interpreter of dreams.


Mircea Eliade

Philosopher, an expert on shamanism, the religion scholar who explained the miraculous division of time and space on the sacred and profane.


Jorge Luis Borges

Argentina’s greatest writer, master of short stories and the perfect verse.


Dimitrije Mitrinovic

Philosopher and mystic, a man who was among the first to put forward the idea of the European Union. Creator of the theory of Gea – by which the Earth is a living being with the lungs (Amazon) and the nervous system (global network).


David Lynch

One of the greatest American film directors, known for films on the border between fantasy and reality, in which is difficult to separate the real from the unreal.



Mysterious alchemist, author of two books on the alchemical symbolism “Mystery Cathedral” and “Alchemical residences”. At his request, his identity remained secret. There are certain rumors that he was searched by the Gestapo in 1940s sought for allegedly knew a secret of nuclear weapons.


Salvador Dali

The greatest surrealist painter, famous for mustaches and great love for his wife and muse Gala. His house in Figueres in Catalonia has been turned into one of the weirdest museums in the world.


Jose Mourinho

Real Madrid’s coach, the greatest magician alive today.


Nikola Tesla

One of the greatest minds of 20th century, physicist and inventor who is indebted mankind with many discoveries. The only Serb by which is called the international unit of measurement.


Pavel Florensky

Russian theologian, philosopher, mathematician and inventor, he argued that the geometry of imaginary numbers speaks of Einstein’s theory of relativity (by which the body can move faster than light) in fact geometry of Divine Kingdom.


Mark Zuckerberg

Computer genius who invented the social networking site Facebook and permanently changed the lives of millions of people around the globe.


Sir Richard Branson

Billionaire owner of the record label Virgin Records. Left his education at age 16, and started to release some teen magazine like never seen before. One of the most enterprising business men of the 20th century. Organizing trips to the moon and tourist routes in submarine in the Caribbean Sea.


David Bowie

Musician who is completely redefined the modern conception of pop sound and image of the artist.


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  1. bzvz says:

    Nikola Tesla is a Croatian, not a Serb!!!

    • dgfhdfhnd says:

      Technically, he was born in Austria Empire (Croatia didn’t exist in this time), and lived in US most of his life.
      I believe people choose by themselves who or what they are. He always spoke of himself as a Serb. So, there is no any possible chance he is Croiatian.

  2. funny pictures says:

    World’s Greatest peoples,

  3. A BiPolar Guy says:

    I don’t think Mark Zuckerberg has any place at all on this list, and to be picky, he would be a mage of the 21st century not the 20th.

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