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Incredible Comic Book Girls

Jeffrey Scott Campbell (born April 12, 1973) is an American comic book artist. He has had several pen names, including “Jeff Scott”, but is best known as J. Scott Campbell. He rose to fame as an artist for Wildstorm Comics, though he has since done work for Marvel Comics (most notably as a cover artist on Amazing Spider-Man), and the video game industry. He resides in California.

Campbell is best known as the original artist and co-creator of Gen13 and Danger Girl. He got his big break at Jim Lee’s Wildstorm Productions with his work on Gen13, his first comic book series, which featured a group of teenage heroes. He soon gained a reputation in the American comics industry for his highly sexualized illustrations of women (You can visit our article – Disney for Adults, to see more Campbell’s illustrations).


Danger Girl

Danger Girl

Red Sonja

Danger Girl

Gen 13


Marvel Divas

Mary Jane



Gen 13

Red Riding Hood

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash

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38 Responses

  1. Ryan says:

    Uhh… That “red riding hood” one is of Beauty and The Beast

  2. Andrew Hoffman says:

    Love the art work which has to be very skillfully done in order to be sensual.Pease keep it coming-thanks

  3. Jan Green says:

    Thor is the hottest girl

  4. CELEBCURRY.com babes says:

    now thats some collection! can we have more???

  5. Marked One says:

    No Sara Pezzini (witchblade), Fathom, Dawn, Kabuki or Magdelena?!?

  6. Closet Comic Geek says:

    @Marked One. I don’t think J. Scott Campbell drew those iirc.

  7. Commacomma says:

    The Red Riding Hood one is actually Beauty and the Beast.

  8. Laundry says:


    NO…. Just no.

  9. Grek Grokken says:

    The Gen 13 picture between the Heroes picture and the Red Riding Hood picture (which is actually Beauty and the Beast) is not drawn by J. Scott Campbell. The artist for that picture is Talent Caldwell.

  10. Dean Hauge says:

    I was notified that I won a 1000$ gift card from this site. How do I receive this so called gift card

  11. GrimReaper says:

    Love the Mary Jane/Spiderman one. Aside from the infinite captions that one could invent from being influenced by that piece, which man wouldn’t want to take care of business while having a gorgeous woman like that waiting at home for you? He’s got talent here.

  12. Rabbit says:

    What? no Dawn? She’s the hottest!

  13. Mia says:

    Sorry, typo on last post.
    The artwork on this site, is terrific.
    Thank you

  14. Anna says:

    Why is there a Care Bear in the “Heroes” one?? lol

  15. Nobody says:

    All design by men

  16. sam says:

    i need pic

  17. Litmusbranding says:

    all comic girls are really incredible. love to see all comic girls. Its a great and nice collection of incredible comic book girls, Absolutely gorgeous, love it

  18. Ashutosh Pandey says:

    all comic girls are really incredible. love to see all comic girls.

  19. troll says:

    the similarity are them brests

  20. Ahmed Almatrook says:

    fantastic pictures

  21. soufien-123@hotmail.fr says:

    hey stylish women u r so beautiful guess pretty women like u has a great job emm by ur pic i can say that u r a manager of hotel?

  22. Petunia says:

    Red Riding Hood??? EPIC FAIL!!! Is Beauty and the Beast! And it’s not a comic!

  23. Tyciol says:

    Good pics but could have used a wider variety of series.

    Avatar is also fail, please stick to things which were comics to begin with, not Cameron title-rip Pocahontas fail.

  24. website hosting in chennai says:

    Love the art work which has to be very skillfully done in order to be sensual.Pease keep it coming-thanks

  25. rocky says:

    Nice Photo

  26. David says:

    These are sexy! Love it! Now I’m going to go find some lotion.

  27. 4aflam says:


  28. Shinobi says:

    If this guy is the man responsible for turning Thor’s hammer into some axe/hammer thing, I want his still-steaming heart on a plate in the morning.

  29. Xzendor7 says:

    Super Comic Book Hot Babe Art – Give Praise To The Master Cartoonist At Work.

  30. Scott says:

    Nice to see an artist that can appreciate breasts of all sizes. I know I do. His female form is sexy and proportionate, if not missing a rib or two and somewhat underfed. His overall body of work shown here really lives and breathes (robots excepted) on the page.

  31. amscray says:

    Requesting art or photos of gorgeous gimp girls on crutches, please.

  32. Alies1358 says:


  33. Uday says:

    man u got all tastes I loved that just on a single click no forms no other fucking things

  34. Alfonsito says:

    hay muchas niñas con tetas lindas y redondas como sandia que gusto lamerse de felicidad y mojar mi boca con un poquito de leche mammamaterna

  35. Ellehoward88 says:

    The women in these comics are really sexy. In one piece, Nami and Nico Robin are also very sexy.

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