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Impressive Digital Girls

Mario Wibisono the artist, who is the use of traditional techniques replaced by contemporary digital art. It is not surprising, because this technique by capabilities is much beyond all current techniques, thus giving the artist more room to work. These characters are like living people. Wibisono achieve sensational effects in his images. In their eyes you can see the glitter, their hair flapping in the wind, and the blood is sticky. His favorite topics is woman, young, beautiful and nice, but brave and strong. Reality and fantasy intertwine in these digital images. Magic, history, fantasy and contemporary designs are the features of Wibisono’s work.

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12 Responses

  1. kissmo says:

    Awesome Beautiful girls..Really talented designer..

  2. Rohalee says:

    really Impressive………

  3. miroslav says:

    where can i find this wonderful wallpapers in hd resolution ?

  4. gbatteryshop.com says:

    Really Beautiful girls, wonderful design and thanks for sharing!

  5. gbatteryshop.com says:

    Really Beautiful girls!

  6. Skye says:

    My God, I only wish I had this talent! Just beautiful and amazing!

  7. Ava says:

    Just thought you should know, I’ve seen every single one of these on DeviantART and photo #2 is not female, it’s a male. Lol. It’s posted in the artist’s description.

  8. Keat says:

    I really love ur design keep going and show your talent

  9. al2alex says:

    muy muy buenas imagenes de guerreras… me encantaron

  10. South Beach Java says:

    these are really mind blowing

  11. pixeldamnation says:

    Mind blowing!!!! Really Superb…..

  12. GEAN says:


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