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Summer Olympic Games Logos – From Athens to Rio

Here You can see logos of all summer Olympic games in modern history.

1896 – Athens, Greece

1900 – Paris, France

1904 – St. Louis, United States

1908 – London, United Kingdom

1912 – Stockholm, Sweden

1920 – Antwerp, Belgium

1924 – Paris, France

1928 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

1932 – Los Angeles, United States

1936 – Berlin, Germany

1948 – London, United Kingdom

1952 – Helsinki, Finland

1956 – Melbourne, Australia

1960 – Rome, Italy

1964 – Tokyo, Japan

1968 – Mexico City, Mexico

1972 – Munich, West Germany

1976 – Montreal, Canada

1980 – Moscow, USSR

1984 – Los Angeles, United States

1988 – Seoul, South Korea

1992 – Barcelona, Spain

1996 – Atlanta, United States

2000 – Sydney, Australia

2004 – Athens, Greece

2008 – Beijing, China

2012 – London, United Kingdom

2016 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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  3. Copacobana says:

    Allt jag säger är bara Rio de Janeiro, se Sockertoppen och mycket annat som finns i Rio, en självklarhet att uppleva är Sockertoppen. Även den Brasilianska maten är ett under för sig.

  4. Unter den Linden says:

    Next time im travelling to Berlin will be test Berlin marathon, what I have heard is that it should be fast. I have also heard that the world record for marathons was ran in Berlin. Cant wait, alot of training ahead of me :)

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