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Extreme Piercing for the Love of Gods

In late September and early October in Thailand held an unusual vegetarian festival. I order to Nine Emperor Gods give them good health and peace of mind, these people during the festival, which lasts 9 days, must comply with many rules. These days they do not eat meat, drink alcohol, have sex or wear white clothes, and must maintain body hygiene and kitchen accessories… What’s really spectacular is sticking various objects through the face: knives, sabers, saw, glasses, spears… Every drop of blood, and every scar is a gift for purifying the soul. This expression of devotion and love to the gods during the ceremony is often a very creepy and bizarre, but always spectacular.

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  1. SARAH says:


  2. XYZ says:

    These pics are too harsh for the eyes!!! I couldn’t go any further than the first 4-5 images!!! OMG

  3. Awatierz says:

    This happened in Thailand during some Vegetarian Festival. For some reason they do these kind of piercings and even go on to hit swords on their backs. I’m Thai, I live in Thailand, and I still think that’s totally horrifying.

  4. Hysteria says:

    i saw a documentary about this some years ago i think, bevor they get pierced or pierce themself they shake there heads over hours to get in a kind of trance.

  5. Lia says:

    There is absolutely no way, short of the threat of death, that I can understand the
    thought process to make someone think any of that is a good idea. Well…getting a couple million tax free bucks might do it as well….

  6. trappi says:

    wow, and people think christians are dumb!

    • Layla says:

      We are not talking to an imaginary being, he is God and im sorry you believed all that science crap. You will KNOW that God is REAL when you die and you burn for eternity. You’ll know.

    • Layla says:

      We do not pray and worship some ‘spirt thing’, he is God and he is real. Im sorry you believed that science crap. You will figure out God is REAL when you die and burn in flames for enternity. And just for arguments sake- if God wasnt real(he is though.), wouldnt you rather live for God and die to find out there is no God, than living as if there wasnt a God, and die to find out there was. You’ll know. You’ll feel flames eating at your skin for eternity. I hope this has changed your perspective.

      • yiyopr says:

        What you are describing is known as “Pascal’s Wager”. It states that it is better to believe in God and be wrong than to not believe in God at all. Luckily, the wager is wrong… I (as many others) follow the “Atheist’s Wager”, which states that it is better to not believe in God, because if you don’t believe in God then you’ll spend all of your time making this world a better place (because it’s the only place we believe in, it’s all that matters). If God does exist, he’ll grant you heaven for all of your good deeds, if God doesn’t exist, you still left the world in better shape, because of your Atheism.

        Atheist’s Wager > Pascal’s Wager…

        • Ross says:

          Surely we as a race have evolved to the point where we have realised the bible was re-written and translated so many times that if you blindly follow the words you are actually following the scholars and governing force that did the translation, we forget that things were very different back then and if anything was found in the original text that was contradictory to the beliefs at the time they would not have been put in or would have been changed.
          If you were a true bible scholar you would have a much more educated opinion, realise that the teachings and concepts of the bible are actually metaphorical of the cosmic structure and history of the universe taken from ancient societys and would have no need to resort to pathetically trying to scare people.
          I feel a coldness in my heart to see someone using their blind faith and fear mongering (Using fear to get people on your side is called TERRORISM) to scare people into following them. I think the most upsetting thing is the self richeous pleasure people take over telling someone they will burn for eternity. If your god does exist then i agree with the above statement that he will welcome us with open arms if we have led a good, honest and loving life
          I hope one day you will open your mind and love the people we are here with. Maybe then you will have more compassion for human kind and in turn your God will reward you…… oh and maybe actually do a bit of research into your religion. To have an opinion on something as huge as religion after reading one book, or many books from the same point of view (if you have read the bible) is madness.
          I have no answers but have some good feelings, i try to do good things for other people and i feel i have good fortune. I will spend my life striving to die with a true heart. Enlightenment is a life long struggle and can not be gained by following the most corrupt and bloodthirsty organisation of the planet that is the christian church.
          Love to you all xxxx

  7. Joshua says:

    @trappi..Uhm…christians ARE dumb…I thought we all came to that understanding years ago when we learned the earth is round and a lot older than 6000 years. You know the fossils and whatnot? I thought we all figured that out when we sat down and actually read the bible and noticed all the genocide and murder, pedophilia and slavery and all the other nonsense that exists in it’s pages. We find ALL religion to be non proven flights of fancy and nothing more. I have more respect for those who push their bodies to the edge and test our boundries than I do for a christian who sits at home with hands clasped doing nothing but talking to an imaginary being, or basically talking to themselves. There probably is no god so relax and enjoy your life. This is the only one we have to live so fill it with good deeds and action. I hope you see the truth before you spend the best part of your life believing in lies told by tent dwellers 2000 years ago. Best of luck.

  8. victor says:

    i dont beleave it but its true

  9. Erin says:

    Joshua, wisest words I’ve ever read.

  10. sandeep sharma says:

    amazzzzzzzzzzing pics.

  11. addie says:

    i think this is horrifying & such kind of act should not be performed in front of kids & children they might ends up with an accident or fatal.

  12. cazza says:

    doesn’t anyone notice that they’re wearing white clothes, they’re not supposed to right? :L

  13. joshua says:

    Stupid Chinese and their religion.

  14. maliks says:

    Crazy photos.more like ogrish. These guyz will surely kill themselves one day.where is the government? Or is it part of the following?OMG

  15. KRER says:

    What a bunch of chumps!

  16. morgan says:

    these ppl must have fun sleeping

  17. image gallery says:

    I think its valueless job.

  18. Randell says:

    WHAT THE F**K?

  19. blackkobra2 says:

    How could anybody damage their face like this? And this is freaking painful! Sick, sick, sick!!!

  20. Jan Windglows says:

    Wow unbelievable piercings !

  21. raju tamang says:

    this formate my Email set plase

  22. Steve Daniel says:

    maybe they are stupid people!!!

  23. sam says:

    that is just crazy

  24. amy says:

    They do enormous damage to their bodies

  25. eric says:

    weirdest on earth

  26. Jeff says:

    First, there are stupid people here. Ignorant, maybe, stupid absolutely not. They sincerely believe what they know. As for Christians, I grew up in an extreme Christian family. The idea that it is “better to not believe in God” is ridiculous to them. That is a philosophy of which only atheist would accept (right or wrong), because the world appears to become a worse place year by year, not better. Also, Christians believe you get to heaven either by a sole believe that he exist or be the believe that he exist and by doing good deeds. No Christian faith, that I know of, believes it is soely by good works. So you play on even ground. Either way you believe it is “best” and/or “safest” if you are correct in your belief system. Good luck on whatever you believe, your outcome depends on it.

    • ViciAmbience says:

      Surely any just God would acknowledge that choosing a religion today is like sticking your hand in a bag and pulling something out at random. It’s impossible to tell which religion is “right” or “wrong”, so if a God really judged you based on what religion you are, he would be a completely unfair, unjust God. Do you accept the idea of an unjust God?

  27. Jeff says:

    Sorry for the spelling and misuse of words. I’m at a bar and my phone is replacing words. I should check it before sending it, but I really don’t care that much. I’m not gonna change any minds. I wish you all the best.

  28. Brett says:

    Some cultures are just f**king ridiculous and should be made extinct.

  29. thai people says:

    all pictures is in thailand it just Ceremony for Ceremony people

  30. Arkins says:

    don’t bring your culture to judge the other , I’m happy to see this in the festival , it none of any business for idiot people here.

  31. Everett Williams says:

    Looks like what America is becoming, those who don’t have Tattoos like third worlders have piercings like the third world. So America on it’s race to the bottom, God Bless what she used to be before God was removed from everything by a few ungodly Atheist in the ACLU and ADL.. Get rid of them we may have a chance to come back, but it’ll never happen, we’re too far gone, THEY WON.

  32. Blackdrag95 says:

    Wtf man this shit is crazy

  33. killyourself says:

    Some of the most retarded, head into anal cavity, comments I have ever, ever, ever had the displeasure of reading. The majority of you who can’t even see beyond your own paradigm… it’s incredibly sad. The world isn’t going to shit because of some festival where people manipulate their physical forms, that really means nothing objectively, and you thinking it does… so completely sad. Kill yourself.

  34. Nikah sekeri says:

    thank you very much

  35. Shawn Rice says:

    Definatly not for the squeamish. As the internet connects the world as a seculalar medium,be prepared to meet people with a very different belief system than your own. If you cant get past your prejudice,there is no hope of ever reaching them.

  36. haifa says:

    crazy . wish el fayda y3ne =)) mjaneen wallaah LOOOOL

  37. […] After centuries, even millenia of arguing about the existence of God, science finally says that God exists… Still. After a study that lasted for 48 years, it is believed that the experts of the […]

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