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Disney for Adults

Jeffrey Scott Campbell is an American comic book artist. He rose to fame as an artist for WildStorm Comics, though he has since done work for Marvel Comics, and the video game industry. Here we see his collection of fairy tale princess, that have long been found in cartoons, But Campbell’s princess, unlike the previous, provocative, challenging and sexy girls. And Disney can be Sexy! You could say that the Campbell provide the opportunity for adults to enjoy the story of Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood… That’s nice of him!

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  1. Thorn says:

    (-_-)/ umm sorry to be a bother but as far as i know most of the fairy tales were originally by the brothers grimm and hans christian anderson who all died before copyrighting(i think)? so anyone can portray and use their stories and characters in any way they want >:D btw i really love the pictures

  2. luis3141 says:

    Cool Pictures, lots of interesting galleries in the site!

    will take a look…

  3. Darkrider says:

    How bout you just shut up John. Even if the pictures are erotic they are incredible. As I recall Alice in Wonderland does not objectify women.

    And as for you AnarchoEpicure you can put a sock in it too. These pictures are beautiful and you clearly have no taste. This is not some cheap jerking off material. These are beautifully crafted fantasy images of fairy tale characters that should be applauded and not degraded.

    I love how people with no aesthetic sense or artistic talent feel they can judge others work so harshly passing it off as fapping material.

  4. […] comics industry for his highly sexualized illustrations of women (You can visit our article – Disney for Adults, to see more Campbell’s […]

  5. amazon_girl says:

    kudos to scott!! :)

  6. Getting Pregnant after Miscarriage says:

    I am now quite happy after reading this posting and also I agree with the last portion of this post. Incidentally, I’ve truly read this particular somewhere else as well. Have you got any additional site too?

  7. mollyolly2008 says:

    Pocahontas… Jasmine??

  8. jailson santos da silva says:

    ola kria receber todos os scraps

  9. haemophilus influenzae says:

    Oh man, how I hope the make disney movie with such beauty in it

  10. ketones says:

    This disney is way more appealing that what my kid watch

  11. Tilen says:

    Snow White is awesome!!! Very sexy.

  12. Marquis says:

    The first commentator is an idiot, and all others who share similar opinions. This is definitely artwork, and good (albiet erotic) artwork at that. If people don’t like it, they should heed the warning that says “ADULT.” People like that really irk me with their “political correctness.”

    Anyway, keep up the good work.
    Trust me, I draw much worse things, being a TG artist and all. I only draw the lines at rape and physical abuse. I would love to see you get into the TG field sometime. They would probably be stellar hits. :)

  13. GrimReaper says:

    Each of them are tastefully done. Many of the pictures are ones I would post on a wall.

  14. kashif says:


  15. FairyGodmother says:

    Awesome artworks! But why all of them looks slutty?

  16. GEAN says:

    Felicitaciones, excelentes imagines para adultos.

  17. Grey says:

    @You’re Lame
    Pin-Up is a valid art style. It takes a good bit of skill to draw the feminine form even when it is stylized in this way.

    These works may have a bit of an erotic feel to them, but that is the nature of Pin-Up. They aren’t tasteless smut or porn, so quit complaining and either enjoy or don’t look for these blogs because you need someone to respond to your trolling.

    Art is art, don’t dog it unless you’re better.

  18. awesomeshares says:


  19. baligrafis says:

    I like images cartoon,

  20. Really Guys says:

    This art is amazing. I wish I could draw like this.

    Also to those of you who say this is p0rnography. P0rn is made to titillate. Get you excited. Do these picture get you hot?… Make you excited?…
    before you call something p0rn think about the meaning of what your saying.

    Has no one ever seen nude art, its still considered art(you can find it in high class museums), but the ladies are naked… is that P0rn? Surely they wouldn’t allow ‘p0rn’ in a museum.

    I can understand a negative comment of the artist style. the way its drawn. the skill the artist has. but to dislike the pictures because they are ‘p0rn’ is simply, in MY opinion ignorant.

  21. dusty says:

    J. Scott Campbell is a god when it comes to artwork! The work posted here and other works that he has done are just amazing! If anyone out there has an issue with the works on this site or another works J. Scott Campbell has done then don’t look at them and try to find better art work…… It can’t be done!

  22. SHADRACK says:

    From my point of view they are erotic in a way but they are great for ADULTS ONLY and should not be viewed by people who are weak in the heart because they may backslide AUTOMATICALLY in a way they can never be recovered again.

  23. Crystal says:

    Well i must say they are better then the male version lol. I like tinkerbell the most

  24. Dr.Jizz says:

    Does princess would make a Disney movie that wont suck. Posted this link on my website!

  25. jose rangel says:

    exelentes imagenes jamas vistas por mucha genta

  26. designer says:

    awesome cartoon character… :)

  27. jasmine says:


  28. 11220011 says:

    i find the little mermaide and goldlocks are the best

  29. xzendor7 says:

    Sexy cartoon Art
    These Images Do Take The Fantasy To The Next Level

  30. 4aflam says:


  31. patins blog says:

    i wish they were like this when i heard about them…

  32. xxxlovethemermaid says:

    the little mermaid is friggin hot

  33. miss abbie says:


  34. Sporedi says:

    Pls make more from the little Mermaid!!!! I like it ut there is just 1 pic :)

  35. Shhhhh! says:

    I uhhh…. yea, I’m just going to…. borrow these, for about half an hour?

  36. DERP says:


  37. 24 says:


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