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Disney for Adults

Jeffrey Scott Campbell is an American comic book artist. He rose to fame as an artist for WildStorm Comics, though he has since done work for Marvel Comics, and the video game industry. Here we see his collection of fairy tale princess, that have long been found in cartoons, But Campbell’s princess, unlike the previous, provocative, challenging and sexy girls. And Disney can be Sexy! You could say that the Campbell provide the opportunity for adults to enjoy the story of Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood… That’s nice of him!

Disney for Adults

Disney for Adults

Disney for Adults

Disney for Adults

Disney for Adults

Disney for Adults

Disney for Adults

Disney for Adults

Disney for Adults

Disney for Adults

Disney for Adults

Disney for Adults

Disney for Adults

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139 Responses

  1. thatoneguy says:

    the emperor and your lame, I agree and disagree with both of you on each of your concepts.
    first off I apologize for how i type your names, I’m feeling lazy today, and don’t want to type them correctly, and if that offends you I understand.

    yourlame-noone asked “how can you be a man” for starters…and if they did, it wasn’t directed at you persay, but anyone in general, so its not worthy of debating your defense against it.
    theemperor-assuming gender is rediculous. Just becaues my name says thatoneguy doesn’t make me a guy, given that I am a guy, words can be meaningless without proof to back it up. I can’t prove my gender in this way of arguing, and the only proof I could give you would be meeting in real life. so I’d ask you, please grow up. The only concept you offer that I agree with, is You’re lame needs to change his attitude. so I wrap up my points to you.

    back to You’re Lame:
    though I agree with your comment abouit assumptions, I disagree with how you said it. If you wish to argue with someone you should be more civilized, it usually gives the aura of actually being better than your opponent, and even if you actually lost the arguement, it will lead others to believe otherwise, and you will still be seen as the victor. Plus it’s alot funner you argue with someone who can keep their cool against you, where as borish people like The Emperor are easily thrown to the side. It’s like me when I was in high school, I never lost a fist fight until I got out of high school. It was fun because the person that beat me fought like a man, where as if he had wrestled me to the ground, hit my groin, pulled my hair, or any other manner of combat, it would not have been fun even if I won.

    And the huge tits concept…thats not really the common pressumption, though that is how it was drawn, its not what most people here are talking about when they say art. sure a large breasted woman can be appealing, (actually I tend to preffer smaller breasts) its the ART part that people like me are interested here.
    (I will admit the only reason I clicked the link was the ‘adult’ word in it, and the pic of tinkerbell, I was going to put an uncivilized comment about how unadult pictures like that were, and how stupid theconcept was until I saw the actual art.)

    otherwise I am glad to see you agree with me on “not everyone likes this kind of art” but I noticed the ” around art, which leads me to believe you don’t believe its art, which if you believe as such, you are incorrect, please refer to the dictionary for the word art.
    and let the man/woman/child stay where he/she/it belongs, in front of the computer, shades pulled down, pants around their knees, and getting pleasure from their mind. Not out on the street where we can smell and see them (the smells of my ranch hand life is bad enough, and I am no looker, it’s bad enough people like me walk around out there lol)

  2. thatoneguy says:

    and lips… this is one mans work, not all mans work, I personally hate corsets nad thigh highs, lots of people like thigh highs, but I rarely (if ever) meet men (not boys, to hell with them they don’t count) who actually LIKE corsets…

  3. MK says:

    Just because it’s not to your taste does not mean it isn’t art. Even if it were pr0nographic – and it’s clearly not – it would still be art. I admit that I prefer the innocent look of the original Disney princesses, but I’m not offended by this artist’s style. Although I’m not familiar with his work aside from these images, he is obviously talented; I doubt most (if any) of you who accuse him of being talentless could do better.

    And by the way, Disney didn’t “steal” any of the characters or stories depicted here. Fairy tales are meant to be retold. They are passed down through generations, often with a slightly different spin than before. There is nothing wrong with Disney creating its own version of a fairy tale. I will concede, however, that some of the later movies (such as The Lion King and Atlantis: The Last Empire) borrowed too heavily from Japanese animation. It would be less tacky if they would at least admit to it, but in both cases, Disney claims that any similarities are coincidental.

  4. krisi says:

    OMG these are so awsome!!!! i love the tinker bell one…that one is just hot!!! lol i love them all. great job and keep up the good work.

  5. troll says:

    Okay, I just have one thing to say. The people who were like “big boobs, and lingerie not sexy cause to overdone” or whatever. Of course it’s overdone. He’s American. Duh.

    Take a look at any of Jhonen Vasquez’s comics, he actually makes fun of these stereotypical American comic artists. To me, it’s not art anymore because it’s just like OOOH LOOK I CAN DRAW BOOBIES! YEAH! Anyways, I’d like tasteful pr0n any day, even if I am a female and amongst my age it’s quite odd for females to even think of pr0n. Anyways, I think there’s a specific comic where Jhonen makes fun of the American comic artist. I think it’s called SQUEE.

  6. Sela says:

    Troll, these drawings are art beyond eroticism. Look at the craftsmanship: look at how it is drawn and the skill and effort that goes into creating this, regardless of subject matter.

    The art is excellent, and I don’t have a problem with erotic art, but I think this is just stupid. To sexualize kids fodder is just weird. I just can’t suspend my disbelief that much that these women would dress so scantily, completely knowing that it’s just fantasy.

    (And no, it’s not odd for females of any age [from teenage years onwards] to view pr0n. Sheltered mind, yours.)

    One last thing — rofl@Vasquez. How edgy and relevant.

  7. roy says:


  8. thatoneguy says:

    troll…stop yer trollin’. It’s still art regardless of style, how often it’s done and how American it is. I know you didn’t say anything about it being American, but thats just how we are, this is American art.

    btw, I may defend this art, but there are a few things I don’t like about it, but I won’t let my personal opinions decide on wether this is good or not, because most of these wemon display personal turn offs, like I hate corsets, hate em, never been a fan of heavy make-up, and most of these wemon display signs of heavy make up. I actually kinda prefer smaller breasts, these wemon have extra large breasts with a side of largness XD
    but these are just a few things I don’t like about it, but they are my personall opinion. Doesn’t mean it’s not art and it’s not good.

    and once again…if your calling this pr0n…than you must be one pure mother f’r…and must have never touched a porn site… and if thats the case, I bet you could easily get away with making money off of religious bull, just sayin’ ya know, because of your purity, people would rather repent to you than some other priest dude…lol

  9. Raphael says:


    This is the kinda stuff I dreamt about when I was read my bedtime stories as a little boy!

  10. Diick says:

    Beautiful work.

  11. creative engine says:

    pretty amazing

  12. maximumrfan says:

    This ruined my childhood memories!
    But I’m okay with that.

  13. thatoneguy says:

    ruined them? dont you mean brought back childhood memories? lol

    How many guys (and even some girls!) did NOT pause the show when the saw ariel pop up?
    liars -_- lol

    Y aknow I am about as pure as they come when it comes to guys, and I friggin did it.

    (I can prove it b ecause I am a virgin by choice, ive had chances but i intentionally deny them, in fact my biggest heartbreak was a super horndog and she couldnt wait for me. Just means the girl(s) were not right for me, so when I say im about as pure as they come thats part of the reason why, I live by a similiar code to the monks of Asia)

  14. Ivy says:

    I honestly don’t care what other people think. If people don’t like the drawings that’s fine and they can think what they want. I’m a woman and I think these drawings are awesome honestly. My favorites are Ariel and Belle.. two of my favorite fairytales and they look gorgeous in his drawings. Ariel was young in the orginal story so I didn’t expect her to be drop dead sexy in disneys version. My favorite disney character will always be Belle because she honestly is gorgeous even if she is only a cartoon. To those who don’t think these drawings will appeal to women.. it really depends on the woman honestly. Older women probably won’t like them, but I’m 24 and I love this sort of thing. I’m also bisexual, but I know tons of straight girls who would think these drawings are fantastic. Anyway’s that’s all I wanted to say and if someone feels the need to write negative comments towards me.. feel free! I’m expressing my opinion and everyone else has the right to do the same.. just know that I’m not saying anyone is right or wrong so don’t bother trying to fight with me about it.


  15. the x man says:

    ok i love the first one more this disney is so much better lol i like her boobs

  16. maryhelenrios says:


  17. Devadas VM says:

    Amazing work :)

  18. mate says:

    1. this is mysogynistic as hell. anyone who disagrees is a sexist.

    2. this is not art, its design.

    3. this is damn good design. this designer is obviously oozing talent.

  19. Chelsea says:

    This is amazing, beautiful and I wish I could draw / design whatever, anything this wonderful!!

  20. Savhanna says:

    ok, firts let me say that they are gorgous! i would like to have seen more dresses instead of lingere but still very good art! i do have to admit that the faces are very similar, but i suppose thats just the artist style of drawing. i like that he took the time to add some of the witches/queens, instead of just princesses. i would also have liked to have seen ariel when shes a human, and maybe esmeralda from the hunchback of notre dame! but bravo mr Campbell, wonderful art

  21. jess says:

    i like your wolf. try to draw bad ass feminist girls next time it makes both girls and boy’s happy.

  22. jess says:

    do a version with princes this time to

  23. thatoneguy says:

    oy’ mate, artistic design is still artistic designs, aka its still art ;)
    a designer is still an artist, as any type of “design” is still art in its own right.

    and uh do you know what mysogenist means? i think youve got the word wrong friend XD
    this is NOT mysogenist, if anything its sexist, but not mysogenistic XD
    not in any way, in fact its quite the opposite, its the love of wemon not the hate XD

  24. cal says:

    i mean i don’t care that its pr0nographic or mas***batory most things are, but those who think this is good are fooling themselves its real cut and paste s**t and computer colored to boot. You want to see good comic art check out Frank Quitely or J. H. Williams the III. This Image stuff is just boring. Yes, you have the ability to shrink waists and engorge tits. Zippy doo dah. I would hate to see this guys Cable and X-Force s**t I am sure its Rob Leifeld level bad. Stuff is just derivative. Plus the Little Mermaid is a freckly ginger. thats gross.

  25. cal says:

    also if sexualized Disney is your cup of tea, check out Disney Heroes which are the male Disney protagonists as underwear models. They are actually really well done versus this stuff which takes like five minutes because they just reuse shape and pose from some page theyve already drawn and make a few adjustments and bam bullets turns into belle. Disney Heroes is much more interesting

  26. Anon says:

    WHAT!? NO GASTON!? Nobody draws Gaston like Gaston!

  27. Kerry says:

    They all have the same face with weird noses

  28. Will says:

    To You’re Lame. I’m not here to spew criticism or insults at anyone but i do have to point out that comments such as ”Get your hands off your c..k” are far from helpful in getting you anywhere with your statements. You are only provoking others to whail back at you with similar comments and where would that get anywhere? The only thing that a comment such as ”get your hands off you c..k” proves is that upon looking at the pictures, the idea of masturbation occurred to YOU and nobody else.

    The pictures depicted here are, without a doubt, art. And beatiful art. It takes great skill to draw and color pictures as beautiful as this. If Campbell drew landscape images or scenes that weren’t concentrated on beautiful young women, I am sure that everyone here would unanimously call him a talented artist.

    Botticelli’s ”The Birth of Venus” has far more nudity that any of these pictures. I suppose that is pr0n as well then… i even suppose it’s hardcore.
    Also, Antionio Canova ”Venus”. A sculpture made entirely of white marble, also has FAR more nudity and should also be considered pr0n. The female figure has been the definition of beauty for thousands of years. I have personally seen both of these masterpieces and I can assure you that in neither case did i get even the slightest of hard-ons and i didn’t even begin to think about ”getting my hands ON my c..k”. And now, all of a sudden, you think that you are free to insult what the world takes as the very core of the word ”Beauty”. Your opinion means nothing to anyone but yourself and you should also keep it to yourself. History does not agree with you.

    Campbell is a talented artist, and if anyone sees anything insulting in these pictures then the problem is only in your mind. If you think that it is pr0n then it automatically turn to pr0n. But only in your eyes. I only see taltn and beauty in these pictures and i am anxiously waiting to see more.

  29. kaiser aldobai says:

    this is really good for adults only

  30. Maya says:

    I did enjoy seeing Campbell’s take on the Disney characters, although women that have large thighs and oversized legs aren’t really my turn on, I stilled liked their racks, I plan on getting one of these calenders for 2010

  31. John says:

    Way to take fairytales that already objectify women and objectify them even further…it’s sad that we haven’t made any progress since these fairytales were originally written.

  32. Terry says:

    like the picz there dude especially lil red riding hood :)

  33. InternetGremlin says:

    Michael Turner inspired art style, anyone? RIP Turner!

  34. thatoneguy says:

    it seems my one post never got posted…ah well…ill put something else instead…stupid internet was screwy that day anyways so its no suprise…

    Cal, pal, your sad, allow me to break your reality.

    your average person cant even color well with computers let alone by hand, so even computer coloring is very well done art. there is no copy paste done here either. Im not sure what gave you such an idea, an art style is an art style, meaning to say, how he draws is how he draws, all of this is his style, therefor it will all be similiar in most aspects.

    and the little mermaid here is one of my favorites…your personal tastes are not everyone elses, and id prefer not to stare at another mans masculinity, if thats your taste good for you, I however must decline your offer as I prefer womankind 600% over mankind heheh, not sexist, just strait. haha.
    and nobody is fooling themselves when they say something is done good when it is actually done good.

    If these images are so disturbing to you its easier to not look at them then type three sets of replies. until you grow up and grow a pair, you shouldnt look at such images anyways. dont be so derogatory. good art is good art. thats all there is too it.

  35. Lisa N. says:

    I am a feminist and member of a respected feminist organization. Since this is a personal opinion and I am not representing them I can not divulge their name. Anyway I am a strong advocate against sexism. As a feminist and an art lover I think these pictures are well drawn, within the bounds of good taste and some are quite lovely. These drawings don’t seem too original but they are artistically done, and yes the women are scantily clad and yes it is rather odd that they are Disney characters but that is the idea. Everyone seems to forget the basics. They are FANTASY drawn, which in this case was something that is taken from another context and transformed into a kind of fantasy albeit a sexually toned one. Which should forgive that they are Disney characters and drawn so seductively. That is simply the artists interpretation. My friend mentioned they are exaggerated far too much. Most comic artists draw exaggerated and sometimes its not done so tastefully. I explained to her that the artists went by either the stereotypical standard or his personal standard. I personally don’t care about the breasts part seeing as how that’s just a natural part of women. There are women at both extremes of the spectrum in real life so drawn very big or very small it shouldn’t be offending too anyone. She and some at this site mentioned it being pornographic. This will come as a surprise but some feminists work in the porn industry and see pornography as an industry that’s completely run by woman. Their argument being if all women stopped being in porn, what will the men do? I see it as a dog eat dog industry of both sexes and I myself have seen enough porn (as part of my work, and to put it humorously recreationaly) to know the different standards. These drawings are neither soft core nor hardcore, just simply seductive and whether its in good taste is up for argument. However, I can’t imagine what an exposed nipple in any context would seem to some of the commentators on this page. As far as it being sexist, I can say from experience it is not. The female mind stereotype is anything that is exaggerated with slight nudity is sexist. That’s about as true as the idea that ALL MEN love that exaggeration and sex is all that woman are needed for. As an art lover, I’d say these pictures are beautiful and imaginative. As a feminist I’d say they are not offending and that some people should stop thinking with their genitalia (both men and women) when they don’t like something that’s not drawn to their taste. If you don’t like something state why but you should refrain from using terms that put your sex or the opposite in a stereotype.

  36. Sigma957 says:

    Nice subject matter but, do you have to draw like Jim Lee and Marc Silvestri? I’d like to see you draw this in a style that’s not an emulation of someone elses.

    I like your bunny rabbit.

  37. Sydney says:

    Very good artwork, you are a talented artist…would like to see more dresses on the characters, even if they are like skirts…but the lingerie was still cool

  38. ITZAME says:

    I think these rock!

  39. mel says:

    ok, i do agree that this artwork is slightly pervy and wierd but its still art right? it has obviously taken a lot of skill to draw these pictures and who says erotic artwork is innapropriate? a lot of famous £million artists do worse artwork than this. just because its based on disney characters, doesnt make the work bad, its unique and obviously Campbell enjoys drawing in this style and i think these are amazing and very well drawn

  40. Octavian says:

    I want to make some calendars with theese Disney for Adults designs. Please sernd me your condition for sale the rights.

  41. Admin says:

    There is a link to author’s site, click on his name just below Title and Ad (video or/and Google AdSense).

  42. kuldeep says:

    very good pic’s

  43. kha_khr says:

    god gooooooooooood lov it

  44. Crust says:

    Snow White is my favorite.

  45. bijuterii says:

    OMG..they ar wonderful !!

  46. DJCT says:

    I can appreciate the artistry of it, thought it was an interesting although unimaginative take on these fantasy characters and agree that some people need to calm down. Seeing how they’re are only in lingerie it is no more pr0n then any music video on mtv.

    and btw, lion king, while the characters are disney original, are based off the characters and story line of hamlet (with out the mass amounts of death at the end) and lion king two is based off of romeo and Juliet, except without the double suicide. But then again all the disney movies are more “g-rated” versions of the actually story they are based on. which oddly enough makes these pictures that much more appropriate in a sense.

  47. HienMugen says:

    Dam good artwork you have here!!! 100 thumbs up!!!

  48. Nornin says:

    Well, that’s some blatant art theft. Whoever posted these pics stole them from a legitimate artist.

  49. Light says:

    So, a man who worked in marvel and even in video games industry, is cool and all that. once he drew busty chicks, he’s a wannabe artist who’s gathering his fans by using mas****tory materials? lol these people really need to pop a glock in their mouth.

    yeah these drawings are mildly provocative, so what? drawing erotic stuff means the person is talentless? well if the person is talentless then the drawings wont be erotic in the first place.

    on topic: great job on the drawings =O

  50. IEATYERFACE says:

    I love the art and the time you had taken to
    create each of these pieces! I LOVE the little
    mermaid one! These toon characters may be in
    lingerie, so what? It clearly shows the form of the body
    big deal! The bodies of these lady toons fit the negative space of
    the entirety of the pieces as a whole complimenting them nicely
    I love how he used FRECKLES!!! I rarely see anyone draw freckles on
    women! KUDOS to you! Even though we look at art each day we live
    we never look at a photographic portrait of a lady who is more developed
    than another lady and say, “Hey! you need to fix your giant boobs.” I think that would earn you a slap in the face…yes? Some people just don’t like to see exaggerated forms and also look at the image as a whole and not just the lady that was drawn. True talent indeed and great way to see the story! Just fantastic! I’m a woman who thinks this is art…an besides if the title wasn’t, “Disney for Adults” but instead something like, “Pin-up Fairytales” the responses might have been less hateful :)

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