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Chinese Top Model – Male?

When you see these photos except the last two, you said: How beautiful, charming and pretty girl. When you look at the last two, your enthusiasm will dwindle rapidly…

Chinese Top Model   Male?

Chinese Top Model   Male?

Chinese Top Model   Male?

Chinese Top Model   Male?

Chinese Top Model   Male?

Chinese Top Model   Male?

Chinese Top Model   Male?

Chinese Top Model   Male?

Chinese Top Model   Male?

Chinese Top Model   Male?

Chinese Top Model   Male?

Chinese Top Model   Male?

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  1. sunny says:

    But she is a boy,he is beaufitul!

  2. ogní says:

    Thats nothing, The japanese model Kayo Satoh confessed only a few days ago that she was actully a man. This guy looks like a man compared to her.

  3. NigiN says:

    well quite good but the speed is……

  4. thanshwe says:

    nice photos.

  5. ratatoskr says:

    I saw on the second photo it was a guy.

    But dressed as a guy or a girl, he looks beutiful :)

  6. Don says:

    He looks beautiful no matter what. Sure would love to meet someone as pretty. Asian’s are great . Thanks

  7. alitista says:

    well.he is a boy,I’m Chinese.he isn’t a model in China,the photos only spread widely on the internet.
    I think It’s just a kidding.he took those photos may want to tell us that boy also can be beautiful as girls.
    In China,we often call these as”伪娘”,a word from Japanese ACG culture.

  8. Fawx says:

    Xisii,are there more images of him? He’s so gorgeous!

  9. CHN says:

    Maybe Asian are the same to someone,and at the same time maybe you are the same to Asian

  10. tesanim says:

    why we don’t thank god ? for what ever we are ? he is a man , then be a man , not a lousy shameless guy .I don’t like gays they are sick and not normal .

  11. Hollywood says:

    Amazing pics
    thanks for sharing.

  12. Jodee Orkin says:

    Is definitely blogengine as good as blogger somehow? Needs to be which is progressively more popluar these days.

  13. mike says:

    i don’t like him , he looks like a girl

    he s**k by the way

  14. Sono Ike says:

    Like Taemin? ARE YOU BLIND???

  15. Falen-chan says:

    I’d hit that!!

  16. tomi says:

    i knew she was he

  17. Anne says:

    I could tell he was a man from the second I looked at him, It’s so freaking obvious !!

  18. ibrahim mansour says:

    People love to talk but hate to listen. Listening is not merely not talking, though even that is beyond most of our powers; it means taking a vigorous, human interest in what is being told us. You can listen like a blank wall or like a splendid auditorium where every sound comes back fuller and richer.

  19. Rebecca says:

    No wonder i love Asian Man,coz they have beautiful & feminine face ^_^

  20. Mohd Aslan says:

    He is most probably a Korean, look at the fan he is holding, it’s a Korean fan.

  21. ljury says:

    what? really, i didn’t understand =S

  22. lelio says:

    His name is Li Jingcheng 李竟成.
    He is not a model in China,just famous for being a “伪娘” like alitista said

  23. Asian says:

    Lol. Easy to tell even if you didn’t put that title on this article. facial lines, neck, shoulders, how he bends his body. definitely male trying too hard to look like a woman.

  24. Siv says:

    I knew It there was something manly about the pictures….
    By the way I’m a woman with good intuitions…

  25. nawsan says:

    like a man

  26. Peter says:

    I think his name is Hu Jun…..

  27. Peter says:

    I forgot his name… it’s not Hu Jun….

  28. Luxy says:

    He’s not liu zhu(刘著)OK?

  29. fangshinobi says:

    I’ve seen girls that look like him. And I believe they are beautiful either way.

  30. pspcorner says:

    Nice pic of angels

  31. Chriss says:

    Im from Europe and i think that asian not to look alike, there is a difference between asians!!!

    Ok, Ok on some photos you can tell that the “woman” is a man.

    Although i think he is gorgeous, unearthly beautiful, feminine, elegant and enchanting as woman, i`m envious ;-).

    As man is he great.

    His name is Li Jingcheng, is 23 jears old, got his fame through a series of cross-dressing photos and is on of the top 10 most popular cross-dressers in China.

  32. Hot japh says:

    Omg, Imagine that you’ve just found out that your beautiful girlfriend was a boy! Horrors!

  33. daisy says:

    he is my friend, i know him very much. not a model, just an english major student who has graduated from Cisisu.

  34. joanna says:

    (s)he has nothing compared to Kiyoshi Sakurazuka !! just google Kiyoshi Sakurazuka and you’ll be shocked! I dare you!

  35. Chriss says:

    That’s not the point! Everybody has their own taste and Everyone has a right to his / her own opinion.

    Kiyoshi Sakurazuka real name is Ying Zhong che and is 26 almost 27 jears old, his appearance is as sweet as honey and he has a tender look, for my liking his complexion is too young and too underage.
    Something like this, that’s not my thing!!!

    Li Jingcheng still that he younger has the look like a grown person.

    I think you do. Every single one of them is in his one’s way or another a beauty!!!

  36. Vikki says:

    Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

    I’d take this person either way.

  37. replica says:

    Li Jingcheng still that he younger has the look like a grown person.

  38. Moncler says:

    These images seem still nothing, you haven’t seen a more lifelike who dresses up like a woman.

  39. jhoni says:


  40. vietnam real estate says:

    its like one of those anime shows or asian novelas ma girl or a boy dress up as the opposite sex… nice! :)

  41. moonlady says:

    he’s beautiful……

  42. xvideoxxxtreme says:

    What a gorgeous looking guy.

  43. tu van du hoc says:

    oh exciting!

  44. Helen Evely says:


  45. Helen Evely says:

    brovo!it’s very comprehensive and exciting!

  46. Eileen LovesRandom says:

    but he’s cute !

  47. KeitorinArtist says:

    ok… Apparently the ones who really think this is a man needs to get laid or take a good look a a flat chest body and a man who is equally as small as that girl.
    The first difference you will see is that the shoulders are not broad. This signifies that the person is a girl. If you look close enough to the so called “male” pictures, Her arms are a bit too small to be a mans arms, not to mention if you look at the chest, her chest rises when her arms goes up. The chest rising is true for every gender but how it is formed when going up is the truth of what gender. Hers makes a cupped shape like every girls does unless tied down with some kind of fabric. A mans chest however cannot rise like a women’s chest can because he does not have to produce milk later on in life so his chest is made up of muscles. A women’s chest has more than just muscles.

    I suggest you all look up the anatomy of a girl before you go commenting.

  48. nocturnal rain says:

    The guy is handsome

  49. Trappumper says:

    i dont see the problem he looks like a guy the whole time

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