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Caricatures of Celebrities by Anthony Geoffroy

French artist Anthony Geoffroy made a whole serial of celebrities’ caricatures that turned out to be exquisite works of art.  Geoffroy is not only an excellent draftsman, but also the entertainer, who points out all the important features of character that he portrays.  Because that’s what caricature is all about.  It needs to be silly, funny, twisted, ironic, and recognizable.  The only connection to the actual portrait is stroke and visual elements, but the difference is huge in the angle of looking at the characters. Geoffroy gives powerful, entertaining and interesting features to his characters with an optimistic look on the world that is passed on to us, the viewers who enjoy and have fun with it.

Dr. House

De Niro



Bruce Lee

Carrie Bradshaw

Horatio Caine


Ugly Betty


Amy Winehouse

JD – Scrubs


Evil Dead

Christophe Mae

Bataille et Fontaine

John Locke


Nick Jonas

Julien Dore

Renand Luce


Snoop Dogg

Michael Scofield

Bree Van De Kamp

Jack Bauer

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6 Responses

  1. wilma says:

    Love this site the cartoons are great of house
    Your work is beautiful,I am asking
    Permission to use your art work
    To make psp tubes.It is for non profit
    I am in the university of tubing learning and I would love to tube your
    The copyright will go to you.
    All copyright belongs to the artist
    I hope to hear from you

  2. uyashiba says:

    Dear Wilma now I posted a link to author of these caricatures at the end of post.
    And here :)

  3. clermont says:

    i would like see the picture of Justin Bieber

  4. Shar says:

    Absolutely brilliant! I laughed my ass off! So I’ve got searching to do where the hell it went….

  5. Cavite Catering says:

    Very funny photos. Come to think of it as if celebrities where aliens. I would like to see more of your work Anthony Geoffroy specially caricatures. Thanks for great photos.

  6. […] Geoffroy has already thrilled us before with his caricatures in our article “Caricatures of Celebrities by Anthony Geoffroy“. We now have several of his new works. […]

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