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Beware of Photoshop

Photoshop is a powerful tool, but sometimes, perhaps too powerful… See what is done to people on these photos! Well, maybe these pictures will give you an idea how to make a joke with someone… And how it looks like when someone using liquify tool forĀ  more fun see at our post Fun With Liquify Tool.


Beware of Photoshop


Britney Spears

Beware of Photoshop

Jessica Biel

Beware of Photoshop


Anna Kournikova

Beware of Photoshop

Rose McGowan

Beware of Photoshop

Jim Carrey

Beware of Photoshop

Chistina Aguilera

Beware of Photoshop


Uma Thurman

Beware of Photoshop

Ashley Judd

Beware of Photoshop


Jennifer Lopez

Beware of Photoshop



Britney Spears

Beware of Photoshop

The Star Sisters

Beware of Photoshop

Claudia Schiffer

Beware of Photoshop

Jennifer Aniston

Beware of Photoshop

Mariska Hargitay

Beware of Photoshop

Lindsay Lohan

Beware of Photoshop

Jessica Alba

Beware of Photoshop


Cameron Diaz

Beware of Photoshop

Jennifer Lopez

Beware of Photoshop


Penelope Cruz

Beware of Photoshop


Brad Pitt

Beware of Photoshop

George W Bush

Beware of Photoshop

Michael Schumacher

Beware of Photoshop


Christina Applegate

Beware of Photoshop

Amy Winehouse

Beware of Photoshop


Pamela Anderson

Beware of Photoshop

Carmen Electra

Beware of Photoshop

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154 Responses

  1. James says:

    Some of these are pretty good. A lot of them are really badly made. They’re not working the neck properly.

  2. Laura says:

    wow. I love the Britney Spears one, gorgeous

  3. gaurav says:

    all the pictures are fantastic…..
    cud u pls send me one of these tutorials

  4. spookie says:

    Because Mary Kate Olson doesn’t have enough problems with self-image, someone though making her look fat would be good? Really, this just encourages the lousy self-images out young ladies have these days.

  5. Asha says:

    I like it very much my girlfriend look like cute

  6. muhammad farooq says:

    look like real n captivating

  7. Messages says:

    WOW…. This post was jsut awesome .. i loved seeing and found very interesting too…

    A+ form my side.

  8. the pencil ninja says:


  9. PSBS says:

    adding the same double-chin and “fat face” to everyone doesn’t count as photoshop skill ><

  10. Me says:

    I think it’s funny fatty Amy Winehouse looks like Adam Sandler in a wig

  11. semi formal dresses says:

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  12. umm... says:

    none of these actually look realistic… I’ve seen way more realistic fat-shoops.

  13. Roezer says:

    I think Winehouse could use a few extra kilos

  14. John Jacob Jingle says:

    I feel like such a bad person after looking at this. The guys seem like they could get by with the extra weight but the women, stick a fork in them. They’re done. Got to love double standards

  15. […] what some people were done with couple of pictures, using this tool. You also can see our articles Beware of Photoshop and Photoshop Diet where we present some Photoshop manipulations in which mostly is used liquify […]

  16. Natasha says:

    Except for the really poorly done shopping on many of them, this article has the opposite effect than intended: I don’t find it funny that the skinny girl is fat, I find it cool that it shows how hot they look as plus-sized women! I’m focusing on the women, because I don’t think any of them men are even decently or realistically shopped – they don’t look fat, just distorted. Lindsay Lohan looks fantastic with the extra weight! So does Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, and Claudia Schiffer! The celebs that look bad look bad because the photoshop work is crap. I actually enjoyed this post, despite it’s intended message.

  17. hater says:

    every single one of these is so obviously badly done by the same person, almost never does the neck, overdoes the chin, and leaves stretch marks on the clothing, these are terrible!!

  18. Misha says:

    Some of these really suck…

    Adding double chins without convincing additions to the neck and shoulders area is not realistic. Remember, weight is somewhat distributed throughout the body – there is a ratio about the human body that some of these seem to lose.

  19. sum guy says:

    wow coubling the horizonaly axis on photoshop reall makes ppl look fat… this is gayer than my friend sam’s bisexual d**k

  20. sum guy says:

    yea i am drunk!!! what of it

  21. sum guy says:

    and it looks like most other commenter are too. That or they dont know proper english…

  22. google says:

    reverse photoshop eh eh eh

  23. Dee says:

    The photoshop on these is terrible. Also, at the weights these people are depicted, there is no way they would have double chins that prominent.

  24. Roger26 says:

    And thats why photoshop is Stupid because in real life they all look better

  25. jonas says:


  26. Jim says:

    Awesome! Some people are taking this a bit too far though. It’s funny. Stop there. Most are poorly done, some are cool but they’re all hilarious.

  27. fashion bop says:

    haha.. nice tricks!! seems they eat too much?? haha

  28. Dave Watson says:

    First few……….huh,huh,…….then…………YAWN
    Also, is it good to take the piss like this, some poor folk may even look like that. Childish crap mostly.

  29. Danny says:

    Is that Amy Winehouse picture a Before and After?

  30. Ashish says:

    So which one is the original and which one is photoshopped?

  31. Phillip says:

    You pal, have some weird fetishes with turning fine ladies into ugly whales.

  32. Red Ronin says:

    Self esteem. The esteem one holds for his or her self. Pretty straightforward.

    As an individual with an enormous sense of self esteem I realized a long time ago that no one has the right to even attempt to make me feel bad about myself. I’m pretty friggin awesome as far as I’m concerned. Works for me.

    There are those who engage in what I call Preventive Social Maintenance. They decide to put people in their place, bring them down a notch or two, so that they don’t ‘get all uppity’ or ‘full of themselves’… Whatever. Those same people equate confidence with over-confidence and self esteem with arrogance. Find a dictionary and a thesaurus and read them.

    What these photos tell me is that Mariska Hargitay and Claudia Schiffer are so ridiculously gorgeous that I would do them as long as they remain under 400 lbs. They also tell me that Jennifer Beal and Jessica Alba should stay in the gym for life. It is not a good idea to eat enough calories to do a triathlon and then sit your big butt on the couch.

    Take care,

    Red Ronin

  33. Anna says:

    Um, a lot of their bodies don’t even look fat afterwords. They just slapped a double chin onto them all. Actually, a lot of the fat ones look better than the originals, which were probably photoshopped like hell anyway.

  34. Ahmed says:

    adobe photoshop is no doubt a powerful tool.

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  37. hi says:

    i love fat girl !

  38. al says:

    interesting to note that quite a few of these ladies look much hotter with curves and actual meat on their bones. nice!

  39. balamscss says:

    Its really f**ked up……..i want to know how to do in Photoshop :)))))))))

  40. Manda says:

    By being in the public eye you are going to be criticized and made fun of…heck by being human and around other people that is going to happen. Some of the work is well done…most is horrid. the feet and necks are all wrong. there are lots of pictures of overweight people online, before you post something publicly again please take some time to research and see if what you are doing is realistic. While being 300 lbs is not healthy, neither is being 91 for most adults. (women under 5 foot with a small bone frame may be the exception, which is why I said most) It has taken me 27 years, but I have finally gotten to the point where I am not stressed about how I look. I run to be healthy. I work with kids and want to be able to keep up. I am never going to be a model, but I can be healthy and enjoy my life. The rest of it is just crap that distracts from finding joy in life.

  41. Azile says:

    Hard to say which pics were more photoshopped. The befores or the afters.

  42. KAMRAN says:

    Really nice photos but can not tell Which was true of other….

  43. Soni Sharma says:

    Photoshop is a dangerous software and imagination of the person is wonderful.

  44. Sheridan says:

    All those people in 20 years. Botox and face lifts will keep them looking the same.

  45. igor33 says:

    this is fake…

  46. Blah-dy Weight says:

    @ igor33 – No f**king s**t… check the heading again. Where’s the posts about stupid people..?

    I’d believe Amy Whinehouse could get that fat if she laid off the crack.

    These ARE NOT done by the same person I’ve seen plenty of them over the last 7 or 8 years separately.

    Women are beautiful, size is irrelevant.

  47. Lakawak says:

    Wow…most of these look like they have been done by a 95 yuear old grandmother who discovered Photoshop (and computers in general) for the first time.

  48. Grasshopper says:

    The first one isn’t done that well, they must have used too large a brush because th background ids all messed up.
    The Jessica Alba one looks like it took more then just liquefy as they had to redo the shading to make it look convincing.

  49. Redskin says:

    Lindsay Lohan actually looks good as a chubby as well as a few other women pictured.

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