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Beware of Photoshop

Photoshop is a powerful tool, but sometimes, perhaps too powerful… See what is done to people on these photos! Well, maybe these pictures will give you an idea how to make a joke with someone… And how it looks like when someone using liquify tool for  more fun see at our post Fun With Liquify Tool.



Britney Spears

Jessica Biel


Anna Kournikova

Rose McGowan

Jim Carrey

Chistina Aguilera


Uma Thurman

Ashley Judd


Jennifer Lopez



Britney Spears

The Star Sisters

Claudia Schiffer

Jennifer Aniston

Mariska Hargitay

Lindsay Lohan

Jessica Alba


Cameron Diaz

Jennifer Lopez


Penelope Cruz


Brad Pitt

George W Bush

Michael Schumacher


Christina Applegate

Amy Winehouse


Pamela Anderson

Carmen Electra

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154 Responses

  1. AEW says:

    So…the initial premise is that fat people are funny? They are objects to be ridiculed and gawked at? The person who photoshoped the images must have thought so. Sad…so sad.

  2. agentvaly says:

    misto photoshop

  3. Sarah Farrukh says:

    These all are fake photos….

  4. Sarah Farrukh says:

    I Want to share these pics on zurmat can i..? will give you backlink

  5. asc3asc3asc says:

    Anna Kournikova looks hot even when photoshopped!!! Now that’s one hell of a woman!!!

  6. dill says:

    I don’t get it..How come you put two real pictures of Brittany Spears next to each other?

  7. Jessica Brylan says:

    Wow! Someone hates Jessica Alba to put her on here twice. Amy Winehouse can actually use some meat on her bones.

  8. hotta says:

    Actually I love fat girls like photoshopped carmen electra version, they look more attractive and more Woman in my book. Too much skinny is not that hot and warm in the bed :-p
    Poor jessica alba, XXX small is too big for her….shame

  9. Øyvind says:

    Wow! I haven’t seen these guys in a while, it was almost disturbing to see how they look now. Where is this Photoshop located? It must be fun to work there – I don’t think we have one in Norway.

  10. kamal says:

    Wow really nice post.All fatty celebrities is looking bad.I don,t want fat like that.

  11. Brittani says:

    I think most of them look fine all chubby. :)

  12. Stephanie B. Rinn says:

    This is so dumb–using Photoshop just to make people fat. Get a life!

  13. manu says:

    wah! super and woofer!! very rare collection for these hot and double fat snaaps. I like and send our frends. long live dumage.

  14. hema says:

    i loose the wait

  15. Hmm says:

    this photos are a little offensive making it look like there is something wrong with fat people grow up seriously

  16. white says:

    unbelievable photos.

  17. Angelmoon says:

    oh wow so this pics are suppose to be hillarious just because someone made stars look fat haha fat people are funny yea… no have some respect geez your telling me that just because someone is overweigh it means he/she is a walking joke. i have lost all hope for this damn wolrd we live in. so sad

  18. sumaila adamu says:

    hahaha trop cool the picture comme nt avez vous trouver ces image

  19. Bee says:

    WOW! That’s some sh**ty photoshop!

  20. Helen Wheels says:

    The second picture of Christina Aguilera looks pretty recent…

  21. sarthony says:

    i see, somebody just start play in photoshop….. pics look silly

  22. Avery Ray Colter says:

    All I can say is, this is one rare time where I like the after picture better!!!!

    Course, you don’t have too far these days to see some ACTUAL good-looking fat folk!

  23. awesomeshares says:

    that was fun!

  24. Unimpressed says:

    What a f*ckin’ douchey buncha bulls**t… as if the first 5 pictures weren’t enough to get the idea “fat people are disgusting / ridiculous / unworthy of being famous”… this post is one of the dumbest and most pathetic excuses for Internet content I think I’ve ever seen. WE GET IT – Celebrities that are widely considered to be attractive are suddenly unattractive when their image is altered to make them appear overweight. WE GET IT. Now go the f*ck away with this tripe and go on a diet until you waste away into nothingness. And no, I’m not fat… most people would call me thin. But this goddamn page is the stupidest f*ckin’ thing I’ve ever seen.

  25. Dan says:

    It’s obvious that these were made by several different users, with no actual sense of proportion, or familiarity with “fat people.” As a sometimes-professional user of photoshop (no pirate copy here), the best I can say to about 2/3 of the “artists” here is DON’T QUIT THE DAY JOB YOU’LL NEVER HAVE!

    There’s a reason why most of these pics are on this blog, and not used professionally – THEY SUCK!

  26. abella anderson says:

    haha, crazy. way too fat

  27. Liliana says:

    OMG it´s fatso world. it is so hilarious. All I can say as a photoshop user that the person who did this is very competent.

  28. shiv says:


  29. vanessa says:

    I went here thinking i couldn’t possibly be the only one who thought “why did he try to make them just fat? Why are most of them women?”

    Because some people have to ridicule women more for being fat….you can find a good number of heavy actors, not so much actresses.

    All you did was prove to me that these women are nothing but sex objects to you and should fit the norm and be rail skinny.

  30. frank valdez says:

    that is sick!!! but pretty cool too..

  31. federico says:

    hola no hablo ingles pero me encantaria tener amistad con una chica americana bueno me disculparan pero admiro a las chicas gorditas

    • Addy bennett says:

      tal vez usted conseguirá aprender Inglés en algún momento im adivinar que no viven en los Estados Unidos por la forma en que se refieren a nosotros como jóvenes Amerian también darle las gracias por defender a las chicas regordetas que te dan mucho apoyo de la gente del compañero que dont entender no es una necassarily cchoice como un problema mental que son perfet, capaz de hacer cualquier cosa que queramos que sí y son grandes, pero todavía no hay razón para burlarse o ser arrogante con la gente sólo porque usted no tiene este problema

      read this by using google translate!!!

  32. ashish says:

    sent my email

  33. Sauber says:

    Me da igual sea gorda o flaca, mientras sea Lindsay Lohan!

  34. mhmdhammoudi says:

    j’aime bien voir d’autres images avec les seins nus

  35. mouradmedo says:

    my best wishes to you

  36. komikoyunlar says:

    OMG it´s fatso world. it is so hilarious. All I can say as a photoshop user that the person who did this is very competent.

  37. trilochan says:


  38. Not Laughing says:

    This is unbelievably obnoxious. The most stupid post ever written. Thanks for wasting my time, losers.

  39. rubel says:

    this is really nice picture thank you for share.

  40. moses says:

    Terribad photoshops.

  41. Gimli says:

    That is not Ashley Judd, thats Uma Thurman

  42. Alisa says:

    Oh, fat jokes. Really sophisticated, cutting edge humor there, guys. Mocking some one for their weight stopped being funny around 3rd grade, and this is coming from some one who is underweight. Someone’s physical mass has little to do with their worth as a human being. But those who are looked up to in our society should be appointed based soley on the petty and trivial traits of their appearance, correct? Please, grow a fucking spine and think for yourself. By the way, this is not the most skilled rendition of photoshopping I’ve ever seen.

  43. Vitek says:

    Раскошный фотошоп!!

  44. asc3asc3asc says:

    Anna Kournikova is so hot that Photoshop does little damage to her…

  45. Lelood says:

    To the chubs:

    Initially, fat people aren’t funny at all. Their obesity saddens me, at which I get angry. But reading these incredibly stupid posts about how I should take fat people seriously really makes me want to mock the shit out of them.

    Now if I talk about fat people I don’t mean fat people who don’t spam shit in these forums trying to offend others in defense of their own ugly body. Everybody has a right to choose to be fat and I respect it just like I respect people’s decisions to dye their hair green. But don’t expect to be taken seriously, you are freaks. And leaving comments on comedy sites about how green hair is seriuz bizness just makes me want to barf at you and slap you in the face with a ferret. Sorry, little buddy.

    You sound like Christians who want their God to be in everybody’s lives. Or like Muslims who act the same when someone draws their prophet. Or homophobes who wish to eradicate everything gay in this world. Shut the fuck up, enjoy your chosen obesity, be fat all you want but DO NOT

    a) offend regularly shaped people by flaming here.
    b) run around butt-naked and expect people to love it, you are disgusting.
    c) spread your ass on three seats if they’re occupied by other people.
    d) make me want to shove you down a hill Sisyphos style.

    To the author:

    I always get caught up flaming the fatsos. Back to topic. These pictures are great. Some lack quality but others are quite believable. I really like how Ashley Judd actually looks better to me when she’s a bit chubby. Not that I’d like her but she really looks a bit too thin from this angle, maybe because all of the pics are photoshopped in the first place. Most of these examples are exaggerated so she stands out as a respectful woman after being photoshopped, I like the picture. On the other hand it’s amazing how in most pictures a lot of the beauty is lost once the proportions grow out of scale without the face actually being touched. These examples are a great way for me to research my subconscious routine of analyzing beauty in a split-second in order to find a genetical match and potential sex partner. I always thought it fascinating how I and everybody else can conclude so many aspects in such a small time frame.

    The most obvious reason why the right side looks less attractive on average is the lacking ideal proportions. You can actually create a similar effect by only widening the waist. Small children don’t have dynamic proportions when comparing chest, waist and hip, they’re pretty square / blob-like and thus unattractive. It’s the chest-waist-hip ratio that explodes in these images. Also, in order to make these shops look more real, some details have been removed, the bodies seem swollen, which happens on massive weight gain as well. Just like with infantile bodies, the missing definition makes them unattractive to me. Great work, going to check out some more.

  46. kkk says:

    Some of these are actually hot as fatties LOL

  47. Facefook says:

    For the time and effort that was actually put into these Well Done! Sums up a lot of the people who make them famous. Now make some fat ones skinny ;)

  48. Randy Gauthier says:

    Is this someone using the Fatbooth app to make photoshop look bad?

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