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America Going Down Under?

I know that this isn’t really fun themed, but I had to bring this to your attention. Not sure did you notice this, but there is a strange thing going on in America. Recently, a lot of people reported strange dots on their mailboxes. Three types were reported: red, yellow-greenish ones and black. That, coupled with increasing FEMA activities and foreign (UN) troops being disembarked on American soil sparked some unease among citizens of US. So, what do you think, is something big about to happen or this is just another conspiracy theory?

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  1. Heather says:

    There has been something similar happening n the uk for a while. People reckon the different colours mark different dog types and they will later be stolen for bait or fighting.

  2. Capman911 says:

    It’s the day of the week or the whole week that you get your news paper on. The different colors represent what day Saturday is Sunday and so on. No mystery here

  3. caityo_3542 says:

    Well that’s kinda weird wow okkkkk

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